2020 Achievements Awards – Nominations

Best Work of Art Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Work of Art Nominee NameInformationURL
AustriaDäniken zum Schmunzel by Reinhard Habeck“Däniken zum Schmunzeln” is a  comic book inspired by the works of the Swiss author Erich von Däniken. While his books claim to be science, mainly palaeoastronomy, Reinhard Habeck turns those wild theories into funny comics of speculative fiction, very often featuring a loveable alien character.https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/
CroatiaOther Worlds exhibition by Maja Strgar KurečićAs quoted by the artist herself: “Although these photographs look as abstract expression of colors and shapes, for me they represent a search for broader spaces, wider horizons, and a proof that even between the four walls of your room you could travel far with your imagination.”https://majastrgarkurecic.com/
FranceUtopiales19 book cover, by Mathieu BABLETThe cover of this anthology (Utopiales 19) comes from the same-name festival’s poster of that year. It is by Mathieu Bablet, comics author and illustrator (France, 1987-). He was the invited artist with a large art show.  His 31 works translated in 6 languages works include The Beautiful Death, DoggyBags, Shangri-La…

Poster : utopiales.org/affiche2019/
Author’s twitter : twitter.com/MathieuBablet
IrelandThe Dublin 2019 Hugo Award basesThe Dublin 2019 Hugo bases were created by Eleanor Wheeler, based on a design by Jim Fitzpatrick.https://nwhyte.livejournal.com/
ItalyMaurizio Manzieri – Poster for Cartoons on the bayWorld famous Italian illustrator. Poster for Cartoons on the bay 2019, the children’s television animation festival promoted by Rai Com, the Italian public broadcasting company.https://www.imasterart.academy/
LuxembourgTow & Tank (Andy Genen)Tow & Tank is Andy Genen’s latest series of comics taking a mute tow tank driver and a sentient zombie into a post-apocalyptic weird-land to discover the secret behind glyphs that the duo uncover on their journey.https://www.cartoonart.lu/en/12/
RussiaCover of the anthology “Other Sky”Cover of the anthology “Other Sky” by Sergey Shikinhttps://data.fantlab.ru/images/
SpainArt for La guerra de Dios. Artist: Juan Alberto HernándezThis collection consists of nine illustrations (including the cover art) by Juan Alberto Hernández. The technique used is digital, but the strokes and the high contrast colours make the images appear as if they were oil paintings. Hernández’s work is an extraordinarily accurate depiction of the fantastic world build by Kameron Hurley (as the author herself mentioned during her Spanish tour).https://www.editorialcerbero.com/
SwedenUrtidsbilderSimon Stålenhag is a Swedish artist is famous for his paintings. “Urtidsbilder” is his latest work with paintings of dinasaures. The text is written by Anna Davourhttp://www.simonstalenhag.se/

Best Written Work of Fiction Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Written Work of Fiction Nominee NameNominee CountryInformation URL
AustriaShape Me by Melanie VogltanzAustriaThe “Encouragment Award”-winner 2016 Melanie Vogltanz is back with her new novel “Shape Me” about the fascinating method of body-exchange-technologies. In her story the state controlls  stuff like body weight, so a fitness trainer changes her body with her clients to “shape them” with her discipline. But then her body is stolen … http://www.melanie-vogltanz.net/
CroatiaKrsnik by Ana CerovacCroatiaA fantasy novel set in the time of Uskok wars against Venice and inspired by Istrian folklore, Krsnik is a compelling advenutre about the supernatural as much as the everyday, with stregas and curses as integral to the plot as soldiers and spies. Based on both historical research and local legends, the story is one of war, conspiracy, and the fates of both nobles and commoners alike.https://www.goodreads.com/book/
FranceTrois hourras pour Lady Évangeline, by Jean-Claude DUNYACHFrance(L’Atalante, 2019)
In this space opera novel, a young girl has to merge in a alien hive to survive. Maybe what she learns in these slimy settings will allow her to help her diplomat father so they can successfully face a new menace, an intelligent interstellar cloud. 
IrelandLuna: Moon Rising (Luna #3) by Ian McDonaldUnited KingdomLuna: Moon Rising is the final book in the Luna trilogy. 
Luna: Moon Rising was nominated for the 2020 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.
ItalyNo/Mad/Land by Francesco VersoItalyLast novel by Francesco Verso, finishing The Walkers story. https://www.futurefiction.org/
LuxembourgThe Harm Tree by Rose EdwardsLuxembourgRose Edwards is nominated for her recent publication, The Harm Tree, ‘an epic fantasy set in a world still recovering from one war, and on the brink of another. The resistance is rising and dark forces stir to take back what was once theirs. Belief in the ancient gods runs strong–the sacrificial Harm Tree still stands.’ (editor’s synopsis)http://www.marjacq.com/
SpainBionautas, by Cristina JuradoSpainBionautas is the ordinary account of an extraordinary story, which Jurado tells in a quotidian and exquisitely simple way. The novel is a monologue, the transcription of a recording; a rather unusual and bold way to tell such a complex story. It’s also an ode to nature and a reflection about relations and language, which are so inherent to any intelligent species, no matter how apart they are.https://www.origencuantico.com/

Best Dramatic Presentation Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Dramatice Presentation Nominee NameNominee CountryInformationURL
AustriaLittle JoeAustria“Little Joe” is  a science-fiction movie in English language by the Austrian director Jessica Hauser that debuted at the film festival in Cannes in 2019. Meanwhile the film  that had been nominated and awarded several times. It is also available on DVD. The content: The protagonist works for an enterprise breeding plants. Her new project is a genetically changed plant that can make people happy. https://en.wikipedia.org/
CroatiaSlice of LifeCroatia“Slice of Life” is an original short Science Fiction film.

The whole film is made the old school way like the legendary SciFi movies of the 80’s. Think miniatures, matte paintings, rear projections – You won’t find any CGI here!!!

Slice Of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80’s. We invite you to follow our journey back to the future envisioned by the 80’s!
FinlandAniaraFinlandA modern take of Harry Martinson?s classical poem that goes deep under the spectator?s skin.https://www.imdb.com/
FranceTerra Willy  – Planète inconnueFranceAnimated feature (90 mn, 2019) 
Making of: youtu.be/-GlOp86pFOA (FR, but you can activate translated sub)
Italian: youtu.be/9kr_uJx9VpE
IrelandDr. Krell & The Carnyx of Terror (as performed at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre)IrelandThe full performance of the live radio play Dr. Krell & The Carnyx of Terror as performed at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon by Crazy Dog Audio Theatre can be viewed on YouTube. It was written, directed and produced by Roger Gregg.https://www.youtube.com/
ItalyGood OmensUnited KingdomSeries based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s novel of the same name.
LuxembourgSuperjhemp Retörns (Felix Koch, 2018)LuxembourgTo save the small Luxusbourg from a cosmic catastrophy, a government clerk, himself deep in mid-life crisis, has to recover his lost superpowers and confront his biggest fear: his family.
The film is the first based on Lucien Czuga and Roger Leiners’ long series of Bande Dessin?e around a very Luxembourgish superhero who draws his powers from the national dish of ‘boiled cheese’.
RussiaThe Outbreak / ЭпидемияRussiaEpidemic is a 2019 Russian sci-fi drama television series directed by Pavel Kostomarov, based on the debut novel by Russian writer Yana Wagner, “Vongozero”. 
An unknown virus turns Moscow into a city of the dead. Outbreak is a family drama in the midst of a global disaster. It is one of the first post-apocalyptic TV shows in Russia.
SpainKlaus, directed by Sergio PablosSpainA traditionally animated Christmas adventure comedy, Klaus is an alternate origin story of Santa Claus. A truly emotional plot full, of empathy and positivity, is rounded by the outstanding performances of the voice actors. It won 7 Annie Awards, including Best Animated Feature, as well as the BAFTA award for Best Animated Film. It was also nominated to the Oscar award for Best Animated Feature.https://www.youtube.com/
SwedenAniaraSwedenAniara is based on the space poem by Harry Martinsson. The directors are Pella K?german and Hugo Liljahttps://www.imdb.com/

Best Fanzine Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Fanzine Nomination NameIssue NominatedInformationURL
AustriaSuper Pulp5 of the original zine (has another number in the reprint by another publishing house)Austria want to intruduce “Sulper Pulp”. It is horror, science-fiction and of course pulp-magazine culture!https://www.super-pulp.com/
CroatiaFantaSTine3A fanzine written by young authors aimed predominantly at children and teens, with SF stories, articles and reviews, as well as interviews.http://www.udrugafst.hr/
FrancePrésences d’espritsPrésences d’esprits n°96This French Fanzine exists since 1992 (the oldest still thriving) and just reached its 100 issue !
News fanzine, published 4/year (with critics of books, comics, games and medias, and a special feature).
4 issues in 2019, n?96 is nominated.
IrelandJourney PlanetA Half Pint of FlannEdited by James Bacon, Michael Carroll, Chris Garcia, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, this issue of Journey Planet is dedicated to Flann O’Brien (aka Brian O’Nolan or Myles na gCopaleen), the Irish author of At Swim-Two-Birds and The Third Policeman.http://journeyplanet.weebly.com/
LuxembourgSci-Fan – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Radio1st September show in 2019Sci-Fan has been on air at Radio ARA for over ten years and every other week provides a mix of reviews, discussions, news and music for SF, Fantasy and Horror fans.https://new.ara.lu/shows/sci-fan/
RomaniaZIN4/2019ZIN is a fanzine of Wolf’s Pack sci-fi club from Bucharest, with two magazine issues printed
in 2019. 
RussiaAconitum / Аконит№7-8, 2020The first fanzine in Russia dedicated to weird fiction and everything adjacent.https://vk.com/aconitum_zine
SpainCuentos para Algernon, by Marchetto#7 (December 19)A non-profit on-line fanzine focused on increasing the exposure of short stories written in English in the Spanish market, the blog translates and publishes the stories for free (always with the owner’s permission). It won the 2014 Spanish Ignotus Award for Best Website. Some of the Cuentos para Algernon’s stories have been nominated for the Ignotus Awards, winning in two occasions.https://cuentosparaalgernon.

Best Work for Children Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Work for Children Nominee NameInformationURL
AustriaThalmus by Ursula Poznanski“Thalamus” is a SF-thriller for teenagers. In the novel the young protagonist has a bike-accident with severe brain demage. He cannot talk and hardly control his movements anymore, but he finds out that some patients in the clinic in even worse condition walk around during the night, what seems to be the result of a futuristic experimental treatment …http://www.ursula-poznanski.de/
CroatiaDvojnici iz Tame by Morea BanićevićThe newest installment of the award winning series following the supernatural adventures of six teenage friends. The novel and series has been a hit with young readers and has won critical acclaim and literary awards.https://sf.hangar7.hr/
FranceMers Mortes, by Aurélie WELLENSTEIN(Scrinéo, 2019)
A chilling novel on ecology. In this dark future, oceans and seas disappeared, but ghostly tides and marine fauna wraiths seek revenge on human souls.

Aurelie Wellenstein (1980-) has won many young adult awards since her first novel (2013).
IrelandThe Invasion by Peadar Ó GuilínThe Invasion is the conclusion to the story begun in The Call. The Invasion was nominated for the 2019 Lodestar Awards (the award for YA that is part of the Hugo Awards ceremonies).http://www.peadar.org/
LuxembourgIllustrated Fairytales (Sabrina Kaufmann)With Illustrated Fairytales Sabrina Kaufmann takes her Manga influenced art to the masses. Sabrina has been working as a freelance illustrator since leaving art school and this is the first major publication of this young talent.https://sabrinakaufmann.com/
RussiaJulia Ivanova. Cycle “Charovodjie” / Юлия Иванова, цикл романов “Чароводье”Seven islands are fraught with many secrets: everything here is saturated with magical power that can be controlled with the help of living stones – charonites, brave defenders riding on winged dragon-hounds patrol the sky, once driven away horsemen suddenly return to avenge long-standing grievances.https://fantlab.ru/work1143178
SpainRapunzel con piojos, by Miguel López “El Hematocrítico”This is the fourth work of a series of children’s books in which López takes traditional fairy tales and gives them a twist in order to use them to depict our modern world and make you think about deep issues. The book, however, is not exemplary, but extremely witty and funny. Hematocrítico’s books have been translated to several languages and are very popular in Asia, mainly in South Korea.https://www.anayainfantilyjuvenil.com/

Best Internet Publication Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Internet Publication Nominee NameNominee CountryInformationURL
CroatiaDecameron 2020: priče iz karanteneCroatiaOver the course of two lockdown months in Spring 2020 this webpage published new original works by Croatian SF authors, both established and new, written specifically for the page. The authors had their choice of ten very different topics, all inspired by the literary classic Decameron but with a genre twist. With 52 stories and 48 authors, this webpage was a smash hit with readers and writers.https://decameron2020price.
FranceActuSFFranceActuSF is a French webzine on written, movies and TV SFF news : new books, interviews, special features. It records SF conventions & festivals panels and conferences, building living archives.
The Web Forum has 224 429 messages on 21782 subjets with 2453 members. 14789 members on Facebook.
IrelandThe Irish Fandom Community Group on FacebookIrelandTo keep the enthusiasm and momentum generated by the Dublin 2019 Worldcon going, a Facebook group was created to carry on after the Worldcon had ended, and is open to all interested in supporting Irish Fandom.https://www.facebook.com/
ItalyFantascientificastItalyMost important Italian podcast on science fiction.http://fantascientificast.com
RussiaAuthor’s blog of Vladimir AnikeevBelarusA project that has been going on for over 6 years and is dedicated to science fiction and the Polish magazine “FANTASTYKA”. The author gradually tells about the content and authors of the magazine to Russian readers. Carefully scrutinizing each issue of the magazine has made the blog an invaluable source of information on Polish science fiction.https://fantlab.ru/user15118/blog
Spain: La nave invisibleSpainLa Nave Invisible is a collaborative non-profit project which is focused on improving the visibility of female SFF writers. La nave is a strong team effort of over 25 people dedicated to raise awareness about female authors from all over the world through social media, essays, reviews, translated articles, interviews and a bibliographic library with over 200 entries.https://lanaveinvisible.com/