2020 Chrysalis Awards

Nominator CountryThe Chrysalis Award Nominee NameNominee CountryInformationURL
AustriaCaroline HofstätterAustriaCaroline Hofstätter debuted just in 2019 with a short story in the German magazine “phantastisch!”, but it didn’t take long to have a print of her first science-fiction novel “Das Ewigkeits-Projekt” at the publishing house Atlantis in her hands. Her story deals with living in a virtual world – a topic more current than ever!https://www.carolinehofstaetter.at/
CroatiaZoe PennCroatiaThe Library of Secrets is the first novel by young Croatian author Zoe Penn.  It was described by reviewers as “highly creative”, “Indiana Jones for a younger audience” and “filled with characters both human and fantastic, and spiced with many enjoyable twists and turns”.

Zoe Penn describes herself as a writer, reader, coder and a passionate puzzle solver, which inspired her novel.
FinlandEdmund SchluesselFinlandA long-short story A Funeral for Massachusetts

Technically, it’s eldritch horror. Under that is the alien-ness of life outside the city to city dwellers, and the inevitability of seeing yourself in that unknown if you look.
FranceChloé VEILLARDFranceConcept artist / character Artist / editor.

SF magazine cover and illustrations.

Also working on for Video Games, Animation Movie, AAA Games, Advertising.

IrelandOein DeBhairduinIrelandOein DeBhairduin’s first book was published in September 2020. “Why The Moon Travels” is a collection of  tales of spirits, giants and fairies rooted in the oral tradition of the Irish Traveller community, collected throughout his childhood and retold by Oein.https://skeinpress.com/product/
ItalyLinda De SantiItalyPromising young talented author published by Urania.http://lindadesanti.it
LuxembourgJean BürleskLuxembourgJean Bürlesk is emerging as the first in a range of voices in the nascent field of Luxembourg Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. He is the recipient of the encouragement award of Luxembourg’s national Servais literature award. 
His short story collection The Pleasure Of Drowning is out from Luna Press.
RomaniaDIANA ALZNERRomaniaDiana Alzner – young author launched in recent years in the Romanian sci-fi. Debut in 2009. She published many stories in sci-fi genre magazines. Debut in 2018 with the novel “Tunnel at the end of the world” (Pavcon). In 2019 she published at the short stories volume TROVANTUL, both awarded with the National Prize for
Sci-Fi in 2019 and 2020. She currently works as a teacher in Ramnicu-Valcea.
RussiaOlga Rejn / Ольга РэйнRussiaOlga Rajn is a social fiction, fantasy and magical realism writer. Author of numerous stories. In 2017 and 2019, short story collections were printed special project – paired stories female with male authors. The first author’s collection and the first author’s novel were published in 2020.https://fantlab.ru/autor51584
SpainHaizea ZubietaSpainA young Spanish author and former cosplayer, Zubieta’s short stories and first novel, ‘Infinitas’, have become very popular among YA readers. A second novel, ‘Tocar el cielo’ –an urban fantasy, vampire story located in Madrid–, was released in July 2020 and a third book will be published in 2021. Zubieta is a women rights’ and LGTB+ activist who also works as a sensitivity reader.https://haizeamzubieta.wixsite.com
UkraineVolodymyr KuznietsovUkraineUkrainian sci-fi/horror writer, game designer, comix writer, and metal musicianhttps://zakolot.com.ua/about/