2020 Hall Of Fame Awards – Nominations

Best Artist Nominations

Nominator countryBest Artist Nominee NameNominee CountryInformationURL
CroatiaZdenko BašićCroatiaA master artist and illustrator whose works of art blend photography and digital art into enchanting, otherworldly collages. Popular in Croatia and abroad, with multiple books and covers under his belt.https://m.facebook.com/pg/Zdenko-Basic-Art-291953974196226/about/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
FinlandPetri HiltunenFinlandHiltunen has produced work in a variety of genres, but is most notable for his fantasy and horror work. He has won the prestigious Puupäähattu award in 2002, which is regarded as the highest honour for Finnish comic artists. He is also a well-known figure in Finnish science fiction fandom and a regular panelist and guest of honour at conventions, such as Finncon.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petri_Hiltunen
FrancePhilippe CAZAFranceCAZA (1941-) began in 1970 in comics, magazines, & drew many legendary SF covers. He also worked on the animated films Gandahar, and The Rain Children.
A long time SF fan, he conceived the Rosny (French SF) awards and often gave drawings or created posters for conventions and fandom. 
IrelandIain ClarkUnited KingdomIain Clark created many of the stunning promotional artworks used for the Dublin 2019 WorldCon, and for the bid to host the 2024 WorldCon in Glasgow, Scotland. He created the wraparound cover of the Dublin 2019 Souvenier Book. He was nominated in the Best Fan Artist Category for the 2020 Hugo Awards.https://iainjclarkart.com/
LuxembourgKen BarthelmeyLuxembourgKen Barthelmey works mainly in Creature and Character design and his organic renderings are both fascinating and unsettling. He has worked on big productions like the Maze Runner Films, IT!, Bright, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald, The Predator, Godzilla: King of Monsters, and Detective Pikachu https://theartofken.com/home
PolandTomasz MarońskiPolandTomasz Maroński is a Polish artist creating astounding pictures as well as great models. When it comes to graphics he has experience in both traditional and computer graphics. Some of his works can be seen here:
RomaniaAdrian ChifuRomaniaAdrian Chifu asserted himself as a writer, composer, graphic artist, director, photographer. Member of the electronic music band Urban Experience. Music albums in 1995 and 1997. Ambient and electronic music concerts, starting in 1995. Individual graphic exhibitions, from 1992. Illustrations and covers for magazines and books with sci-fi and fantasy themes.  Short films. Professional photography.https://www.youtube.com/user/
RussiaSergey Shikin / Сергей ШикинRussiaSergey Shikin is one of the best contemporary Russian artists who designed over 100 books, including those for foreign publishing houses. Has been working with book design since the early 90s. Multiple laureate of local awards for artist. Participated in the art exhibition at the Worldcon, which took place in Dublin.https://fantlab.ru/art15
SpainEnrique CorominasSpainCorominas has been a prominent illustrator in the Spanish fantastic scene since the 1980’s and has worked for the main publishers in the country, like Gigamesh, Minotauro or Planeta. He is known for his covers for the Game of Thrones series as well as his comic books, like the Dorian Grey graphic novel, originally published in France. He is also a painter whose work is sold across Europe.shorturl.at/csxC5
UkraineIgor BarankoUkraineUkrainian comic artist, best known for his sardonic and sometimes scary stories.
https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Баранько_Ігор_В%27ячеславович  http://baranko.blogspot.com/

Best Author Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Author Nominee NameInformationURL
AustriaMarc ElsbergAfter his  past bestselling novels Marc Elsberg has released his novel “Gier”. People in the whole world are demonstrating against “greed” (what is actually the meaning of the title), as they demand a socially balanced system. And then it turns into a very exciting near-future future story!http://www.marcelsberg.com/
CroatiaMilena BeniniOne of key authors of Croatian SF for decades. A multi-award winnning writer, writing teacher, translator and editor, as well as geek extraordinaire, Milena Benini was a mainstay of SF conventions and a role model for many aspiring authors. Her literary work set a high bar for SF in Croatia and even though she unfortunately passed away this year, her legacy will live on for decades to come.https://www.goodreads.com/author/
FinlandJohanna SinisaloSinisalo has won the Atorox award for the best Finnish-language SF short story 7 times, and was awarded Finlandia Prize in 2000 for her first novel, which was translated as Not Before Sundown/Troll – A Love Story. It won the James Tiptree Jr. Memorial in 2004. Sinisalo was nominated for a Nebula in 2009 for her novelette Baby Doll. Examples of translated novels Blood of Angels and Core of the Sun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
FrancePhilippe CURVALPhilippe Curval (1929-) is a French science fiction writer, journalist and photograph. 
Since 1960, Curval is one of the most eminent French SF writers.  He wrote more than 100 short stories and 40 novels, some translated in 14 countries, & won many awards.
He is also known for his works of science fiction criticism and as an editor.
Bibliography: http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?3341
IrelandMaura McHughMaura McHugh has written fiction (Twisted Fairy Tales, Twisted Myths, The Boughs Withered The Boughs Withered (When I Told Them My Dreams), 2000AD), comic books (2000AD, Hellboy: Witchfinder, Jennifer Wilde), radio plays (The Love of Small Appliances).
Her short story “Bone Mother” was adapted into a short stop-motion animated film. She was also a 2018 BFS Best Non-Fiction Award nominee.
ItalyFrancesco VersoMultiple awards winner. Published in Italy, USA, UK and China.http://www.futurefiction.org/
LuxembourgClaude PeifferClaude Peiffer has been involved with fandom for a long time and will be intimately known to the Perry Rhodan fans for Sternenstaub which he edited between 1994 and 1997. A short story set in the Perry Rhodan universe was awarded and published in Begegnungen an der Grossen Leere in 1996. Between 2009 and 2020 he published five space opera novels in the Hammanon cycle. http://www.cerateran.eu/
PolandAnna KańtochAnna Kańtoch received ESFS Encouragmen Award in 2007. In the years since she became really well established as one of the most important SFF writers in Poland. She won Janusz A. Zajdel Award five times and Jerzy ?u?awski Award once. She writes both novels and shorter stories. Both her adult and YA works are a great reading. Apart from SFF she also creates crime fiction.https://www.facebook.com/
RomaniaGheorghe SasarmanGheorghe Sasarman is one of the most prolific Romanian sci-fi writers of all
time. At the 1980 Italian Eurocon, Sasarman was awarded the Europa Prize for the novel 2000, translated into German and published by the Fisher Verlag PH in Munich.
Cuadratura Cercului (Squaring the Circle), published in 1978 has been translated into French, Spanish, German and English (by Ursula K. LeGuin).
RussiaVictor Pelevin / Виктор ПелевинVictor Pelevin is a Russian fiction writer. He is a laureate of multiple literary awards including the Russian Little Booker Prize and the Russian National Bestseller. His books are multi-layered postmodernist texts fusing elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies while carrying conventions of the science fiction genre. Was nominated by Russia for the Nobel Prize in Literature.http://pelevin.nov.ru/
SpainJosé Carlos SomozaJosé Carlos Somoza is a Spanish scriptwriter, dramatist and novelist, whose fiction has won several awards, including La Sonrisa Vertical, Café Gijón, Fernando Lara and Hammett. In 2000 his novel Dafne desvanecida was a runner-up for the Premio Nadal. Two years later, La caverna de las ideas won the Gold Dagger for the best crime novel and was translated into over twenty languages.http://josecarlossomoza.com/

Best Publisher Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Publisher Nominee NameInformationURL
AustriaOhneohrenThe publishing house Ohneohren, founded in 2013 by Ingrid Pointecker is spezialized in speculative fiction. A focus is on so called “unpopular” topics and on supporting female authors.https://www.ohneohren.com/
CroatiaHangar 7For the past decade Hangar 7 has provided a platform for Croatian authors by publishing both novels and short story collections. They have also been translating SF into Croatian, both from current writers such as Brett and Tchaikovsky as well as classics such as Lafferty, Dick and Lovecraft. They received the Artefakt award for special contribution to Croatian SF fandom.https://sf.hangar7.hr/
FranceL’AtalanteFamous & respected, this independant publishing house for +30 years publishes French & US authors but also many Europeans as
Italian GUERRINI, 
Ukrainian DIATCHENKOs, 
& many more!
ItalyZona 42Young small publisher dedicated to quality international science fiction.http://www.zona42.it
LuxembourgRobert ‘Gollo’ SteffenRobert Steffen edited the first, and so far only, science fiction collection in Luxembourg with contributions in German, French and English, bringing together 20 authors and artists in 1979.https://opderlay.lu/main/produkt/robert-gollo-steffen-hrsg-der-himmel-auf-erden/
PolandWydawnictwo MAGWydawnictwo MAG was established in 1993. They publish both SF and Fantasy books. MAG publishes almost exclusively translations. They published books by Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Cassandra Clare, Ada Palmer, and many more. Their books have excellent covers – many of them created by very talented artists from Poland.http://mag.com.pl
RomaniaPAVCONFounded in 2002 in Bucharest, publishing marketing and education books.
In 2016 Pavcon founded the Science-Fiction Collection, publishing only Romanian authors. Distinguished in 2018 and 2020, with the ROMCON award for the best sci-fi publishing house. Many of the published authors have been awarded with national prizes. Since 2020 Pavcon has started publishing Romanian authors on Amazon.
RussiaFanzonIt is an imprint of the Eksmo publishing holding, founded in 2016. Fanzon publishes contemporary world fiction. The authors are Joe Abercrombie, Christopher Priest, Liu Cixin, Neal Stephenson, China Mieville, Patrick Rothfuss, Michael Swanwick, James Corey and many others. Also publishes contemporary comics.https://fanzon-portal.ru
SpainCrononautaCrononauta is a Spanish non-profit independent publisher that showcases feminist science fiction, fantasy and horror literature. They also focus on stories that depict diversity in every way. As publishers of the Binti series, by Nnedi Okorafor, in Spanish, they were honoured with the Ignotus Award for Best Foreign Story in 2019.https://www.crononauta.es/crononauta/

Best Promoter Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Promoter Nominee NameInformationURL
CroatiaVesna KurilićVesna Kurilić is a writer, a librarian and a passionate cheerleader of SF in Croatia.

She organized promotions for SF writers in libraries, and was active in literary workshops and the local NaNoWriMo scene. She was one of the editors of Decameron 2020. She has been organizing educational SF-related larps and workshops and book clubs for children and young adult.
FranceRaymond MILÉSIFrench SF writer, anthologist (Mouvances) & active fan for almost 40 years. 
He went to the 2nd French SF national convention (1975) & only missed 4 since!?
Since 1988, he is responsible for their attribution vote and the guardian of their smooth running.
He receives the Cyrano special award in 2018 in Amiens for his writings and his commitment to SF fandom and genre.
IrelandMarguerite SmithMarguerite Smith was the co-division head of Promotions for the Dublin 2019 Worldcon. Many people were involved with promoting the con, but Marguerite was involved from the start of the bid to the very end of the con. Bid Parties, con flyers, social media – her management of the Bid and Con’s promotion and Social Media strategy cannot be understated.https://twitter.com/MargueriteS_IE
ItalyDeep Space OneNo profit association dedicated to promoting science fiction in Italy. Founded more than 20 years ago. Eurocon organizer in 2009 and 2020.http://www.ds1.it
LuxembourgGérard KrausGérard Kraus was a founding member of Luxembourg’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Society in 1995 and has been working towards making science fiction, fantasy and horror in its different media more popular. 
He is the current president of SFFS Luxembourg, the chair of LuxCon, holds an MA in Science Fiction Studies from the University of Liverpool.
RussiaAlexey Karavaev / Алексей КараваевAuthor is studying the history of the formation and development of the genre in Russia and the USSR, richly illustrated materials of these studies are published in the form of colorful albums in the series “How fiction was published in the USSR”. Cultural phenomena of the Soviet book subculture as the special book series an the magazines are considered in detail in this albums.https://fantlab.ru/autor1790
SpainCristina JuradoA translator, editor and multiple award-winning author, Jurado has contributed to the promotion of SFF in many ways; she founded ‘Supersonic’, the ESF award winning magazine; she has been the editor of several anthologies, many of them focused on women’s work in SFF and horror; she works in the new bilingual mag ‘Constelación’, and co-edited The Apex Book of World SF#5.
UkraineYuri ShevelaOld fan. Bibliographer of Ukrainian SF and fantasy. Founder of unique Museum of SF and SF.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTWfvnsYjko   http://vegus.livejournal.com/10269.html  https://day.kyiv.ua/…/ukraincy-ch…/fantasticheskaya-kvartira

Best Magazine Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Magazine Nominee NameInformationURL
CroatiaSirius BSince 2011 it has been the only Croatian SF magazine publishing
both translations of current and classic authors, as well as stories by current Croatian authors.
FranceGandaharGandahar is a  quaterly magazine, published since 2014 by Jean-Pierre
Fontana and Christine Brignon. They publish illustrated short stories.
ItalyIF – Insolito e FantasticoOne of the Italian Science Fiction magazine.
PolandEsensjaEsensja is an online pop-culture magazine published since 2000 and available for free. They publish mainly reviews and other articles but it is not uncommon to find there short stories as well.
They write about books, movies, games, music and more. Although they are not limited to SFF it is the main field of their interest.
RomaniaHelionHelion is a distinguished SF magazine, published by Helion Club Timisoara.
In recent years, six printed issues were published annually.

Some of its long-standing columns are Laborator SF (SF
(Lab), Cronica de familie (Family Review) Alternative (Alternatives),
Meridian SF (SF
Meridian), Fototeca (Photo Gallery), Pe scurt despre proza scurt? (Short Fiction – in Short).
Russiaμ Cephei / Мю Цефея. Science fiction almanac based on the print on demand platform. A publication for experiments with style and genre diversity: SF and fantasy, magrealism and cosmoopera, sur and horror … A cut of Russian-language fiction here-and-now. Each issue is dedicated to one topic. Distributed electronically (free of charge) and in print.
Chief editor: Alexandra Zlotnitskaya.
SpainTantrum Tantrum is a Spanish quarterly magazine, featuring short stories and serial novels focused on a strong sense of wonder. Its compact and contemporary design revisits the concept of pocketbooks. The magazine has been nominated to the Ignotus Awards in 2020.https://impresionesprivadas.com/

Best Translator Nominations

Nominator CountryBest Translator Nominee NameNominee CountryInformationURL
CroatiaIgor RendićCroatiaA professional translator since 2011. Translated over a hundred short stories and novellas for SF magazines and fanzines. Since 2015 has translated multiple novels by bestsellling and award winning authors such as Joe Hill, Brandon Sanderson, Adrian Tchaikovsky, and Peter V. Brett.https://www.goodreads.com/
FranceMichelle CHARRIERFranceBorn in 1965, she’s been a translator for more than 15 years of books by Christopher PRIEST, Glen DUNCAN, Ian R. MacLEOD, Tim POWERS, Kelly LINK, Barbara HAMBLY, BALLARD, DICK, … but also now Ada PALMER and N. K. JEMISIN.https://www.noosfere.org/livres/
ItalySilvia CastoldiItalyOne of the best Italian science fiction translator, working for Urania and many others.
RomaniaSilviu GenescuRomaniaSilviu Genescu is a Romanian author and translator. Silviu Genescu has won the National SF Award several times and received the Vladimir Colin award for the best short story collection published between 209 and 2012.
He signed translations of novels written by George R.R. Martin (two of GOT novels), Lucius Shephard, Vernor Vinge, Michael A. Stackpole, Conn Iggulden, James
Patterson, N.K. etc.
RussiaPaweł LaudańskiPolandFor multiple translations of Russia authors.
Polish translator, editor, publicist, critic. Laudański actively writes journalist. His articles were published in the journals “Miesięcznik”, “Science Fiction”, “Czas Fantastyki”, “SFinks”, “Wiadomości Literackie”.
Translated into Polish by M. and S. Dyachenko, E. Lukin, V. Vasiliev, Y. Zonis, L. Kaganov and other Russian-speaking authors.
SpainPilar Ramírez TelloSpainPilar Ramírez Tello has been a literary translator for 20 years. She has a MA in Comparative Literature and Translation by Binghamton University-SUNY and has translated almost everything: over 80 titles ranging from The Hunger Games saga to H. G. Wells, from the Divergent trilogy to Asimov, from Terry Pratchett to Brandon Sanderson. She is an authority in the Spanish literary translation industry.http://www.pramireztello.com/