Details of 2016 ESFS Business Meeting

This is the first announcement of details of the ESFS General Meeting for 2015 It will take place at the Barcelona Eurocon,  on the 4th to the 6th of November 2016.

nominations for the ESFS Awards are now open.
Closing date for submissions is the 4th of October 2016.
We are accepting submissions in two ways:
1. Through the Webform
2. Via E-mail to contact_esfs AT esfs DOT info

Information on the awards that are available are on the ESFS website:
N.B. Awards before 1990 are not Hall of Fame awards, and are not covered by the ‘once only’ rule.

Minutes for the 2015 Meeting are available here. Please take the time to review.


Below is the Draft agenda for the business meeting. The items in this list may occur in any order, and the final agenda will not be released until closer to the time.
4.Nominations to the board of the ESFS. (To serve between 2016-2019)
5.2017 Presentation, and questions.
6.2018 Bid Presentations.
7.Pre-bid notifications.
8.Award Presentations.
9.Final Bid Questions
10.Vote for Eurocon 2018.
11.Vote for the Board of the ESFS. (To serve between 2016-2019)
12.Proposals pending from 2015. (Details)
13.Proposals to change Constitution. (Details)
14.Votes for Awards
15.Announcement of Site Selection Results.


If you wish to raise any business at the meeting please submit such requests in advance. No motions will be accepted from the floor of the meeting. We currently have one item of business carried over from 2015, and we are expecting a major discussion on the changes to the ESFS awards in that item.


In order to help us plan the timing of the meeting, we would like if anyone who wishes to bid for a Eurocon, especially the 2018 Eurocon, please do get in touch.


At the St. Petersburg Eurocon we passed new rules for the ESFS awards. These rules will not come into effect this year. There will be a confirmation vote at this years meeting. If they are passed, they will come into effect for the 2017 Eurocon. There are a number of changes, and we want to draw peoples attention to the changes now, so that you have time to think about it.

The document is available here. This document contains the rules as they currently stand, followed by the proposed new rules.