Award nominations and changes to agenda

The nominations for the 2018 awards are now available.

Below is the Draft agenda for the 2018 Business Meeting. There has been an addition from the earlier agenda, as the board of the ESFS has proposed an amendment to rules related to the selection of the Host of a Eurocon.

The items in this list may occur in any order, though the items listed at 9 to 12 will occur at the second meeting.

  1. Apologies.
  2. Minutes.
  3. Reports.
  4. 2019 Presentation, and questions.
  5. Proposed changes to the Statutes of the ESFS
  6. 2020 Bid Presentations.
  7. Pre-bid notifications.
  8. Award Presentations.
  9. Final Bid Questions
  10. Vote for Eurocon 2020.
  11. Votes for Awards
  12. Announcement of Site Selection Results.


The minutes for the 2017 Business Meeting are available here.