Final agenda for the 2020 General Meeting

This is the updated announcement of details of the ESFS General Meeting for 2020. It will take place at Futuricon – Eurocon 2020, the first meeting on the 2nd October at 17:45 CET, and the second meeting on the 3rd October at 11:00 CET.

Nominations for the ESFS Awards have been published.

There is a change to the agenda of the Business Meeting, as the Board have suggested a change to the statutes with relation to the emblem of the society.

Because the voting ballots will be delivered by email, we need to collect the email addresses of the delegates as well as their names. This information will not be shared with anyone outside of the ESFS Board, will not be recorded in the minutes, and will not be saved after the convention has concluded. We invite you to already sign up as a delegate by filling in the form we have created. This does not oblige you to attend the Business Meetings, but merely allows us to move more quickly through the agenda. A roll call will take place at the first Business Meeting, and alternative delegates sought if there is an absence.

The current statutes, which incorporate minor typographical corrections and the amendment of section 7 of the Statutes passed at Amiens in 2018 and ratified at Belfast in 2019, is available here. Please take the time to review.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes
  3. Reports
  4. 2021 Presentation, and questions
  5. Proposed changes to the Statutes of the ESFS
  6. 2022 Bid Presentations
  7. Pre-bid notifications
  8. Award Presentations
  9. Final Bid Questions
  10. Vote for Eurocon 2022
  11. Votes for Awards
  12. Announcement of Site Selection Results

The first seven items will be covered in the first meeting, in any order, and the last five items will be covered in the second business meeting.

Please find below a reminder of how we will be running the business meetings this year.

At the con, we intend to hold a live ESFS General Meeting using videoconferencing, which all con members will be able to attend. We intend to play the pre-recorded ESFS nomination videos from delegates and pre-recorded bid videos during the General Meeting. As usual, during the General Meeting we will ask the two delegates for each country to identify themselves.

Voting for the ESFS awards will be electronic. As always, there will be two delegate votes for each country, and voting will be anonymous. If a bid vote for 2022 is required, the same voting system will be used, with the usual addition of the ability of non-delegate ESFS members who are attending the meeting to be able to vote. If there is only a single bid for 2022, that bidder will be selected as the bid host without a vote.

The ESFS award ceremony will be held live from the convention studio along with the local Artefakt award ceremony. Awards and diplomas will be mailed to the winners after the convention.

Fionna O’Sullivan

ESFS Secretary