Details of the 2021 ESFS General Meeting

This is the first announcement of details of the ESFS General Meeting for 2021. It will take place at Eurocon 2021 on the 15th to 18th July 2021.

Nominations for the 2021 ESFS Awards are now open.
The last day nominations will be accepted is Tuesday 15th June 2021.
Nominations should be submitted through the webform.

In the event of the webform malfunctioning, please inform contact_esfs AT esfs DOT info.

There should only be a single nomination from each country, as selected by their own rules. In the event of multiple nominations from one country, only matching nominations or nominations without a competing name will be accepted. In the event that all ballots from one country contain different names, there will be no nominees accepted for that country.

The list of awards and their requirements is available on the ESFS website here.

Minutes for the 2020 General Meeting are available. Please take the time to review.

The current constitution, which incorporates minor typographical corrections and the amendment of section 7 of the Statutes passed at Amiens in 2018 and ratified at Belfast in 2019, is available here. Please take the time to review.

Below is the Draft agenda for the 2021 Business Meeting.

First meeting:

  • Apologies
  • Minutes
  • Reports
  • Ratification process for the statute change approved in 2020
  • Presentation of proposed new logo and vote
  • New proposals for statute changes
  • Award Presentations
  • 2023 Bid Presentations
  • Pre-bid notifications

Between the first and second meeting, there will be an hour scheduled for discussion of the statute proposals.

Second meeting:

  • 2022 Presentation, and questions
  • Votes for proposed statute changes
  • Votes for Awards
  • Vote for 2023 site selection

If you wish to raise any business at the Business Meeting please submit such requests in advance by emailing the board at contact_esfs AT esfs DOT info. No motions will be accepted from the floor of the Business Meeting. The last day motions will be accepted is Tuesday 15th June 2021.

Anyone who wishes to bid for a Eurocon must announce their intention to put themselves forward by emailing contact_esfs AT esfs DOT info. The last day bids will be accepted is Tuesday 15th June 2021. Delegates who wish to present their country’s nominations during the ESFS General Meeting will be asked to pre-record their presentation. Details of formatting, length, and upload method will be supplied by the ESFS Board at a future date.

At the St. Petersburg Eurocon we passed new rules for the ESFS awards, which were confirmed at the Barcelona Eurocon. The ESFS awards have had a significant changes, so please familiarise yourselves with the current rules before nominating.

Please read the rules page, and the FAQ page. If you have any questions please email the ESFS Board at contact_esfs AT esfs DOT info.

The 2021 ESFS Virtual Business Meeting and Awards will take place virtually. What follows is a draft plan of the virtual format, which is subject to change:

We intend to hold a live ESFS General Meeting using Zoom, during the 2021 Eurocon. Specifics around virtual membership will be clarified later, as usual the meeting will be open for all attending members at the convention. Before the convention, we will ask nominators to upload a pre-recorded nomination video to a file hosting service, up to 4 minutes duration maximum. We intend to play these pre-recorded ESFS nomination videos from delegates and pre-recorded bid videos during the General Meeting. As usual, during the General Meeting we will ask the two delegates for each country to identify themselves.

Voting for the ESFS Awards and any contested statute changes will be electronic. As always, there will be two delegate votes for each country, and voting will be anonymous. If a bid vote for 2023 is required, the same voting system will be used, with the usual addition of the ability of non-delegate ESFS members who are attending the meeting to be able to vote. If there is only a single bid for 2023, that bidder will be selected as the bid host without a vote.

Awards and diplomas will be mailed to the winners after the convention.

Fionna O’Sullivan
ESFS Secretary